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What People Say


 What Individuals Say About
 It's on the Tip of My Tongue
In her user-friendly text, Dr. German clearly identifies different types of word-finding difficulties, and more importantly, what we can do about them. Teens and older adults who struggle with these problems as well as their families, teachers, and friends will welcome this informative and practical guide that encourages us to take control of our memory for words.
Bonnie E. Litowtiz, Ph.D. 
Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry
Rush Medical School
The word-finding difficulties of high school and university students are often overlooked.  Yet these difficulties often interfere with studentsā writing and verbal communication.  The book It's on the Tip of My Tongue, provides LD teachers and speech an language professionals with a wealth of strategies for assisting students in coping with their word-finding difficulties.  The book is easy to read, provides many useful illustrations, and includes icons and graphics to help the reader.
Janet W. Lerner, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus, Department of Special Education
Northeastern Illinois University
Author of Learning Disabilities: Theories, Diagnosis, and Teaching Strategies.
Diane Germanās book is a thorough and helpful guide for addressing word-finding problems. I found the examples and diagnosis to be especially helpful so that I could target my personal word-finding difficulties. Most of all, this book gives me hope, that there is help for my word-finding difficulties. In addition, as a teacher, the strategies will help me support children with word-finding difficulties in my classroom.
Diane Deckert 
Associate Professor
Baker Demonstration School
National-Louis University

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